Welcome to my page.

My name is Sophie and I am a Sociologist and Mother, passionate about supporting mothers and working to change our cultural understandings of Motherhood.

I believe in the deep value and importance in the work of mothering, but know that it all comes back to us: women who mother.

My research and my experience – both professionally and in my own role as a mother – point to how the pervasive myth of perfect motherhood in our culture contributes to mothers experiencing guilt, shame, isolation and feelings of not being ‘enough’.

Our children need connection, not perfection, and I believe we are the best mothers we can be when we first focus on our own nourishment, agency, and sense of self. Because of this, I am a conscious parenting advocate, and share information about evidence-based gentle parenting practices.

The pressures, expectations, and workload that is placed on mothers’ shoulders is unsustainable and unnecessary.

We need social change.

This is my mission. To support this, I translate maternal research from Motherhood Studies into implementable content to shape how we experience our daily lives.

My work supports mothers in (re)valuing themselves and the work they do. I make visible the structures and ‘shoulds’ that shape our experience as mothers, and reveal some of the ways we can reclaim a Motherhood of our own.

Check out The Good Enough Mother Podcast, join one of my online courses, work with me one on one, and follow my Facebook, Instagram, and Blog for further information.

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