Resilience Training

Good enough mothering as a practice is what fosters resilience training as mothers. Through re-framing how we mother, we can reveal our reserves of internal strength and resilience. This is what teaches our children how to fortify their own resilience.

In this training learn how to practice good-enough-mothering in the context of self-isolation with limited external social support, and why this is key to the nourishment of both yourself and your children.

In this resilience training I offer summaries of relevant research, examples, and support for how to:

  • Talk to young children about the change of routine, cancelling of activities, and not seeing loved ones
  • The types of behaviours you can expect to see from your children during this time and how you can respond
  • Why we need to be careful when talking about children’s ‘resilience’ to cope during challenging times
  • How our emotional state effects theirs and what coregulation is
  • Ways to talk to our children – and support them in understanding implications of: illness, job losses, food insecurity, stress
  • Why fear is contagious and what you can do about it
  • The reasons why dismissing and trying to minimize fear (in ourselves and in our children) can exacerbate rather than alleviate fear
  • Strategies and tools you can use to cope with your own internal states and support your children in doing the same

I will email you the resilience training + audio file to watch or listen to whenever it’s convenient for you.

Resilience Training Webinar