Transforming Toddler Tantrums Course

This course is a 7 part training course to help you transform, understand, and respond to ‘toddler tantrums’.

The program is for parents looking for responsive and loving forms of discipline.

It is evidence-based and draws on neurodevelopmental approaches based in attachment theory.

Transform how you understand and respond to your child’s tantrums through 7 condensed training videos and reflection exercises.

Are you ready to feel well-equipped in teaching and modelling for your toddler how to manage and process feelings?

Are you ready to feel more connected to both your toddler and yourself?

Are you ready to feel more confident as a parent in how to respond to your toddler during tantrums, and feel reassured that you have tools on hand to help YOU cope during a tantrum?

This course offers you all of this, while supporting and validating your parenting values and knowledge, nourishing compassion for yourself, your child, and others.

Let me be honest from the start: following this program won’t guarantee that you’ll no longer yell or lose your patience. It won’t suddenly turn you into an ever-present, peaceful parent all of the time. Selling parents this fantasy goal of perfection is actually part of the problem!

Research shows we are only able to respond to our child’s need for connection about 33% of the time on the first go: the rest is rupture and repair work that I will teach in this course. So much current parenting advice out there simply doesn’t work. Or it damages the connection between us and our children (and the connection with ourselves).

What this program WILL do is give you an understanding of WHY your child is behaving the way they are. This understanding will help RELEASE YOU OF STRESS and GUILT, while encouraging compassion for your child and yourself.

You will build CONFIDENCE as you learn about strategies to support your child through a tantrum. This also includes how to care for and support yourself!

You’ll gain a toolkit of practices that will help to support your child, yourself, and your family in this critical but often challenging period of childhood development.

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What Will I Learn?

  • What tantrums are really about: and how the brain responds 
  • Why your child’s tantrum is rarely about the ‘thing’ that started it 
  • Strategies to support your child through a tantrum and build connection
  • Be given flexible guides and examples for what you can actually DO during a tantrum
  • How to exercise compassion for yourself when ‘it all goes wrong’ and what to do next 
  • Ways to help your child process emotions to prevent tantrums happening 
  • How your own emotional state reflects and influences your child’s
  • Why caring for yourself is just as important as caring for your child

What Do I Do?

  1. Purchase through this page (include your email address)
  2. I will email you with access to the 7 training videos and a Reflection Guide Summary.

What This Course Isn’t

  • Setting standards that you should be trying to meet and if you don’t, you’re failing
  • Packaged ‘expert advice‘ that undermines your inherent knowledge as a parent
  • Promises that the guides and advice will be quick-fixes
  • Convincing you that your child has ‘problems‘ or even needs ‘fixing’

What Previous Participants Say

  • “Sophie gives you practical suggestions on how to make the evidence work for you in real life. She was very active in our course group and always had thoughtful and encouraging comments, even answering a question for me that was not directly related to the course topic. I feel more capable and supported after completing the course.” Katie

  • “I joined the Transforming Toddler Tantrums course with no hesitation as I knew I wouldn’t be told anything that FELT wrong unlike some advice we could get. And yes, this course with videos and the private support option with Sophie gave me a confidence that’s priceless when it comes to dealing with some mind boggling tantrums. I certainly don’t fear them like before and feel a shift in my readiness to deal with them with confidence which in turn has an amazing affect on my child. My interactions with Sophie truly felt therapeutic. Thanks Sophie! I recommend this page and contents to anyone looking to mother consciously with the right information.” Rose

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Individualised Support

If you would like personalized guidance during your learning and implementation of this course, you can book my mentoring package here.

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