Mentoring client

After a difficult birth and a really challenging first 6 months with my son I found myself struggling with things such as anger, Mum guilt and a deep, painful feeling of inadequacy as a Mother. I came across Sophie’s wonderful podcast ‘The Good Enough Mother’ (which I highly recommend all parents listen to) and I then followed her honest and beautiful instagram page where I saw that she worked one on one with Mums on the things that I was struggling with and thought, why not.

We worked together voice messaging back and forth and I can honestly say it has been life-changing.

It was so wonderful to have Sophie by my side and in my corner while I worked through some really difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions, she is soothing and extremely knowledgeable on all things Motherhood and womanhood.

I began the month with a list of things that I believe make the ‘perfect’ Mother and finished the month with a very different set of values and beliefs about Motherhood. It was so empowering. I am walking away feeling more confident and peaceful than I have in a long time. I can’t recommend working with Sophie in any capacity enough – she is brilliant!!