Mentoring. My offering to you: connection, guidance, reflection, listening, prompting, support.

We get to know each other through a 1 hour Zoom consultation.

I’m then here for you daily for 2 weeks, for you to access for support and guidance.

Do you want someone with research expertise at your service, but who respects you as the expert that you are as a mother?

Do you want companionship and support throughout the everyday challenging moments of being a mother?

Do you want someone who you know you can message for support, any time of the day or night?

After our initial consultation you get daily mentoring from me for 14 days to meet you in all of these ways.

Some common areas that I offer support for:

  • Processing experiences of mother-guilt
  • Trying to find out ‘who’ you are in motherhood, questions of ‘identity’
  • Moving beyond perfectionism and the feeling of being stuck
  • Matrescence and the transition to motherhood
  • Challenges in ‘balancing’ motherhood and paid work
  • Responsiveness to challenges with our children
  • Grappling with questions of whether to (re)enter paid work versus mothering full-time
  • Dealing with separation and the process of becoming a single mother
  • Changing the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves about our motherhood
  • Mothering a child with additional needs
  • Finding and gaining confidence in your ‘maternal voice’ and knowledge
  • Feeling overwhelmed, unsure where to turn next, and wanting someone ‘in your corner’

As your mentor and supporter I will listen to you, strategize with you, and connect you with additional resources where appropriate, offering you encouragement and reassurance.

Protect your energy.

Decompress stress.

Process fear.

Wade through confusion.

Save your future-self time.

Find clarity.

Feel supported.

How does it work?

  • Purchase Mentoring package below
  • Head to my bookings page to reserve a time-slot for our 1 hour consultation (contact me if none of these times work and we can find an alternative).
  • Download the free walkie-talkie style app ‘Voxer
  • I will contact you to confirm our consultation booking, after our consultation the 2 weeks of support through Voxer begins
  • I offer you prompts and reflection questions to guide you into and through the process of introspection
  • Speak into the app whenever you feel the pull to, with reflections or any questions you have
  • I listen to Voxer client messages generally once per day to offer you daily support

Mentoring Support: Pay in full


Pricing is $444 AUD. Approx $308 USD / £245GBP


Payment Plan – $111 AUD per week / 4 weeks

Money back guarantee: I want you to feel safe and secure in making the decision to work together and I know it can be a leap into the unknown. That’s why I offer a money back guarantee. But I know that you’ll be grateful that you made this investment in yourself.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I would love to support you on your motherhood journey.


After a difficult birth and a really challenging first 6 months with my son I found myself struggling with things such as anger, Mum guilt and a deep, painful feeling of inadequacy as a Mother. I came across Sophie’s wonderful podcast ‘The Good Enough Mother’ (which I highly recommend all parents listen to) and I then followed her honest and beautiful instagram page where I saw that she worked one on one with Mums on the things that I was struggling with and thought, why not!

We worked together for four weeks voice messaging back and forth and I can honestly say it has been life-changing.

It was so wonderful to have Sophie by my side and in my corner while I worked through some really difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions, she is soothing and extremely knowledgeable on all things Motherhood and womanhood.

I began the month with a list of things that I believe make the ‘perfect’ Mother and finished the month with a very different set of values and beliefs about Motherhood. It was so empowering. I am walking away feeling more confident and peaceful than I have in a long time. I can’t recommend working with Sophie in any capacity enough – she is brilliant!!