Mentoring for Mothers

My mentoring packages for mothers are for women who would like to work with me in a 1:1 setting to create transformational changes in their lives.

We work together to peel back the layers of your understandings, your beliefs, your relationships, your mothering, your passions, your challenges, and your social context.

My approach is based on a belief that when women are supported, heard, affirmed, challenged, and held, that they can make their way back to themselves.

This is not about implanting and imparting knowledge that ’empowers’ you.

During our time together we create space and opportunity for you to unlock your own knowing and power.

Women – and especially mothers – have been trained out of recognising and voicing their own desires and dreams.

Mothers need space that is created for and owned by us.

Otherwise, our time, space, mental and emotional energy gets ‘filled up’ by everything else, and we are left with very little for ourselves.

So sometimes, you may not even know exactly what you need ‘help’ with, you just know you’re being called to dive deeper.

After our initial consultation, I create a customized and unique outline to guide our time together. This is flexible, unfolding, and co-created as we journey through our time together

These are some common areas that I offer support in:

  • Identity and sense of ‘self’ as a mother and woman
  • Matrescence and the transition to motherhood
  • Challenging martyrdom-motherhood and the myth of self-sacrifice
  • Maternal guilt
  • Maternal anger
  • Navigating shifts to career, relationships, and life direction
  • Not feeling ‘enough’ or feeling ‘stuck’
  • Finding and gaining confidence in your ‘voice’ and knowledge

I recommend that before you consider diving into 1:1 support with me, you engage in one or more of the following

This will give you opportunity to make the most out of our time together and ensure you align with my teaching style and approach to motherhood.

What You Can Expect From Mentoring with Me

Support from someone with research experience and sociological training, who respects you as the expert of your own life and motherhood.

I will never tell you what you ‘should’ do, or pass judgement on your thoughts, feelings, or experience.

Those who engage in my mentoring are willing to dive deep. They’re willing to feel challenged and have their thinking stretched. It’s in this place of (re)viewing our lives and experiences when we’re willing to shift the lens on our perspectives, that life-changing shifts can be made.

As your mentor and supporter I will listen to you, strategize with you, and connect you with additional resources and referrals where appropriate. These programs are not for you if you are currently in the midst of crisis or need support working through trauma. Mentoring with me is not substitute for working with a mental health professional.

Mentoring Packages

6 weeks

Fortnightly 1 hour consultations (3 in total)

In each consultation you will be left with a summary of our discussion and key reflection questions to work through

Add on Voxer-Support

Add on the option of Voxer support (a free, walkie-talkie style app) to have the opportunity for you to talk with me at any stage over the 6 week period.

Talk through your reflection question responses, receive guidance when you’re feeling ‘stuck’, reassurance on a hard day, or to de-brief when you’re on the edge of a break-through.

I check Voxer 1x per day. This package includes up to 20mins of audio sent and 20mins of audio received per week (approx 4hrs total)

6 Weeks Mentoring



6 Weeks Mentoring + Voxer Support

Consultations + Voice Messaging Support



Sophie gave me just that. Nothing was too big or too small to discuss and I felt very encouraged and held. I furiously took notes towards the end because when Sophie talks, she drips gold. I will forever be thankful and am very pleased I hit the “book now” button. Highly recommend her services.

After a difficult birth and a really challenging first 6 months with my son I found myself struggling with things such as anger, Mum guilt and a deep, painful feeling of inadequacy as a Mother. I came across Sophie’s wonderful podcast ‘The Good Enough Mother’ (which I highly recommend all parents listen to) and I then followed her honest and beautiful instagram page where I saw that she worked one on one with Mums on the things that I was struggling with and thought, why not!

We worked together voice messaging back and forth and I can honestly say it has been life-changing.

It was so wonderful to have Sophie by my side and in my corner while I worked through some really difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions, she is soothing and extremely knowledgeable on all things Motherhood and womanhood.

I began the month with a list of things that I believe make the ‘perfect’ Mother and finished the month with a very different set of values and beliefs about Motherhood. It was so empowering. I am walking away feeling more confident and peaceful than I have in a long time. I can’t recommend working with Sophie in any capacity enough – she is brilliant!!