Who talks about being an angry Mother?

It is still a mothering taboo.

The image of the ‘perfect Mother’ is the complete opposite to the ‘angry Mother’.

Yet, the ‘perfect Mother’ expectation is detrimental to mothers and their children.

The ‘perfect Mother’ never loses her temper, never yells, never resents her children, never acts selfishly, never snaps, is never irritable and never craves time away from her children.

The realities of intensive motherhood in our culture, means that many women experience anger as part of their mothering.

But because of our social understandings of the ‘perfect Mum’, feelings of anger are often silenced and unspoken.

Feelings of anger provoke guilt, stigma, isolation, shame. It can make you feel like you are not a

‘good enough mother’.

Demystifying Mother Anger Course + Call


Immerse yourself in this online course on de-mystifying the angry mother. Understand the feelings behind the anger, strategies for dealing with these feelings, why you don’t want to get rid of them altogether, and how these teachings will improve your relationship with your children. Feel less guilty and isolated knowing you are not alone. Gain knowledge to help you become confident in understanding how to recognise your triggers, and channel your anger purposefully.

What Will I Learn?

  • The cultural roots of anger as an emotion that has particular meanings for girls, women, and mothers
  • The biological operation of anger: what goes on in the brain
  • How anger can be both normal, or a red flag for postpartum mood disorders: a distress signal
  • Why we don’t talk about anger and how that actually keeps us angry
  • The ways that anger is not always a ‘negative’ emotion, and why sometimes it is purposeful
  • How to recognise triggers and what to do about them
  • Coping mechanisms and circuit breakers
  • How anger impacts our children and motivations for change
  • Why guilt can be harmful and how to practice shame resilience


  • Rage Roots cultural and biological understandings
  • ‘Good Mums aren’t Angry Mums’ – mothering mythology
  • Tracing Triggers – introspection and reflection
  • Rupture and Repair Research – connection with your child
  • Coping and Circuit Breakers – what you can do
  • Passion and Purpose – channeling anger creatively

What Do I Do?

  1. Purchase through this page (include email address)
  2. I will email you a bundle of course content videos and a reflection guide. Feel free to email me with any questions as you work your own way through the content.

What This Course Isn’t

  • This online course is not a mental health intervention. If you are experiencing anger or maternal rage that interferes with your daily life that you feel you cannot control, please make an appointment with your GP, or reach out to me so I can connect you with appropriate support services.
  • Experiencing maternal rage can be a feature of a postnatal mood disorder such as postnatal depression or anxiety, please contact a health professional if you feel overwhelmed by maternal anger or rage.
  • Normalizing the spectrum of emotions women as mothers feel does not equate with condoning aggression towards or neglect of children.

When we recognise the prevalence of maternal anger, we feel less alone.

When we speak our feelings, we take away the powerful hold they can have over us.

When we understand the roots of anger, we can shine light on ways to heal and move forward.

When we have tools to draw on and places to seek support, we feel less isolated and lost.

When we learn how to release and channel our anger, we can make more purposeful decisions with confidence.

The Mother of Maternal Studies, Adrienne Rich said:

“I believe increasingly that only the willingness to share private and sometimes painful experiences can enable women to create a collective description of the world which will be truly ours.”

Demystifying Mother Anger Course + Call


Listen to The Good Enough Mother podcast episode 18 Responsiveness, Rage, Rupture and Repair

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