Letting Go of Mum Guilt

‘Mum guilt’ can feel like almost an inescapable part of motherhood.

But Mum guilt doesn’t have to be inevitable, and it doesn’t have to be an immobilising emotion.

You can reduce the amount of Mum guilt you experience, without even aiming to completely eradicate it – because guilt can be useful.

Join this 4 part training video course on mother guilt to release the power of Mum guilt within your life and learn how guilt can be used constructively to foster connections in your relationships and strengthen your connection to yourself.

For mothers who identify with gentle, responsive, attachment, or conscious parenting styles, the feelings of guilt when you don’t mother in a way that aligns with your values, can feel overwhelming.

We can get stuck in ‘comparison’ with other mothers and comparing our children to others.

We can feel guilty over even having the thought that we aren’t enjoying motherhood or our children.

We can feel guilt when we look forward to, or enjoy time away from our children, and ask others for help.

Guilt can feel crippling when trying to balance work and family life, feeling like you can’t give either the attention you desire to.

The value we place on parenting and the love we have for our children means we hold ourselves to incredibly high standards. When we inevitably ‘fail’ to meet these standards, we feel guilty, and it can be hard to move forward with confidence and compassion.

Guilt can feel inevitable when living in a culture that puts motherhood on a pedestal, but devalues mothering.

But we can reclaim power over how guilt shows up in our mothering.

How does the course work?

  • This course is currently in self-study mode. You will be added to a closed Facebook group where you have access to all content to work through at your own pace.
  • Each video training includes reflection questions to enable you to apply the content to your own life
    • Training 1: Guilt Roots and our Resistance
    • Training 2: The Perfect Mother Myth and ‘Holding’ our Guilt Up
    • Training 3: How to Flip and Use Your Guilt Constructively
    • Training 4: Empowered Mothering Practices

What Will I Learn?

  • The reasons behind why you feel guilty
  • I give you a framework for assessing and addressing your own guilt, with guidance on how to implement this now and in the future
  • Strategies for how to use your guilt constructively
  • What guilt can reveal about your own self worth and how to bolster it
  • How guilt can be a teaching tool for your children
  • How you can use guilt to strengthen your social relationships
  • A crucial re-frame we need to implement in order to use guilt for our growth

What Do I Do?

  • Purchase through this page
  • Request to join this closed Facebook group (I will also email you a welcome message and link).
  • There is the option of receiving training videos and reflection questions via email if you don’t have Facebook.
  • Work at your own pace through the content in the ‘units’ section of the group.

Letting Go of Mum Guilt


Learn how to use guilt as a motivational force for change and transformation in your life.

Individualised Support

  • Book a Consultation Call: 1 hour on the phone/zoom together to help you apply content/ explore how guilt shows up in your mothering.

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