Motherhood Studies Professional Mentorship

The Motherhood Studies Professional Mentorship Program is individually designed and tailored for you.

You receive one on one support teaching you the foundations of maternal theory as they are relevant to your business, profession, and/or creative project.

We work together to elevate the level of support you are able to offer to Mothers through integration of a sociological perspective of Motherhood into your work, and your own personal growth and development as a Mother and practitioner.

Who is Motherhood Studies Professional Mentoring for?

This adaptive and individually designed program is for you regardless of what stage of your career or business you are in.

You may not have finished studying or launched your business and work in the world yet, or you may have been working in your field for decades.

The clients I typically support are Mothers themselves who believe in a vision of Motherhood where mothers are respected, resourced, supported and valued.

Their professional backgrounds include but are not limited to social work, psychology, academia, midwifery, nursing, lactation, doulas, counselling, coaching, occupational therapy, and any other area of working with Mothers.

It is recommended you complete The Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification, but this is not required.

The work we do together is designed to teach you the social dimensions of the construction of Motherhood that are most relevant for your business and work.

I believe that professional (and particularly entrepreneurial) development almost always involves personal transformation and enrichment, as this is where our creativity, drive, and capacity to elevate our work ultimately comes from.

This is why this program is ultimately one of personal support as much as professional mentorship.

We work together to strengthen the foundations of your work, unlock your potential, create clarity, bring your vision to fruition, and set you up with a plan for moving forward that is both adaptive, responsive, and flexible.

What Does Motherhood Studies Professional Mentorship Involve?

We have an initial 1 hour consultation together, where I get to know you, your work, your passions, your challenges, and where and how you need support.

After this consultation and based on my analysis of your work, I design an outline of key areas of growth for us to work on together throughout the program.

This outline includes key goals, outcomes, intentions, processes, and practices that will both scaffold the use of our time together, and for you to take with you into your work.

Depending on your individual circumstances, this plan will include a mix of the following:

Feedback and advice on your programs/business structure/course development

Support and review of your website copy and suggestions for integrating maternal theory/scholarship

Active guidance, support and encouragement during your course launching and/or delivery

De-briefing, support, and feedback regarding your clients (anonymously)

Individualised mothering support for you if desired

The Motherhood Studies Professional Mentorship Program Includes:

3 months together

1x initial one hour Zoom consultation

Personalised plan for support

Detailed review and feedback of 1x program outline/plan

Tailored Motherhood Studies resource notes (subject to copyright)

Review and feedback on website copy

3x 1 hour Zoom check-in progress consultations (1 per month)

Voxer voice-message access and support to contact me whenever you need to over the program (up to 20mins of audio sent per week)

1x final 40min consultation consolidating support and your ongoing plans

Why Work with Me?

I know what it feels like to commit to a program like this, personally, professionally, and financially.

While I will share with you my qualifications and experience, my advice would be to really engage with my work to ensure we feel like a ‘match’. How much you will get out of this program depends both on your commitment and willingness to participate, and how aligned you feel with me and my work.

You can listen to my podcast and/or watch my Facebook videos or IGTVs. I’m happy also for you to book in for a free 15min call if you have any questions about this program before joining.

In terms of my qualifications, I hold a PhD in Sociology from The University of Sydney, specialising in Motherhood Studies. This is the highest level degree that can be attained in a field.

I have spent 10 years researching Motherhood, and have developed what has been described as ground-breaking theory for understanding how mothers’ lives are shaped by the social and cultural construct of Motherhood.

I have built my own successful Motherhood-support based business from scratch to 5-figure months within 12 months, have created a plethora of online offerings include self-study courses, a Practitioner Certification course, mentoring packages, an online membership, and a successful podcast that reaches thousands of listeners across 49 countries.

I also am also aware of where the gaps in my knowledge are, and I am committed to my own ongoing learning and professional development.

It is an honour and a joy to do this work, and I would love to support you in doing yours.


Professional Mentoring Program Pay in Full


Professional Mentoring Program Payment Plan

$1600/month x 3 months

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