Motherhood Studies Mentorship Month

This package is only available to current or previous students of The Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification

A mentoring package to support you as a Motherhood Studies Practitioner to take course content and integrate it into your business/profession/creative project.

We have a 1 hour consult together, where I design for you an outline of key goals, outcomes, intentions, processes and practices for you to take into your business with you.

This is with a vision to elevate the support you provide Mothers through the integration of Motherhood Studies course content.

The outline I provide also offers us a scaffold for shaping our month of working together, so you can use this time most effectively.

Depending on your individual circumstances, our month together will then include a mix of the following:

Feedback and advice on your programs/business structure/course development

Support and review of your website copy and suggestions for integrating maternal theory/scholarship

Active guidance, support and encouragement during your course launching and/or delivery

De-briefing, support, and feedback regarding your clients (anonymously)

Individualised mothering support for you if desired

The Motherhood Studies Mentorship Month Includes:

1x initial one hour consultation

Voxer voice-message access and support to contact me whenever you need to (up to 15mins of audio sent per week)

Detailed review and feedback of 1x program outline/plan

Review and feedback on website copy

1x final 40min consultation consolidating support and your ongoing plans


Mentorship Month pay in full


Mentorship Month Payment Plan

$140/week x 4 weeks