Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification

Are you passionate about supporting mothers?

Are you a health professional, coach, educator, social worker, doula, or aspiring business owner who wants to make a difference in the lives of mothers?

We know the importance and value of mothers feeling supported, empowered, and well.

But in order to elevate our support of mothers, we need to go beyond the focus on mothers individually. We need to bring in the social and cultural.

As a Sociologist who has been researching Motherhood for almost 10 years, I know that there is potential that is yet to be unlocked in our work with mothers.

There is an abundance of maternal scholarship, theory, and research that has been developed over the past three decades. But most motherhood-practitioners have no knowledge of these resources, because they have largely been left out of professional and tertiary trainings.

This needs to change. This certification has been developed to redress this gap and equip you with these critical understandings.

  • 10 weeks
  • 8 Modules of Motherhood Studies
  • Weekly Zoom calls
  • Evidence-based, expert-selected, research-dense
  • Ongoing membership of exclusive online community of Motherhood-Study practitioners
  • Relevant reading material for deeper engagement
  • 6 months course content access
  • Ongoing quarterly training workshops
  • Certificate of completion in Motherhood Studies & personal endorsement to use in your work

As somebody who works with mothers, or aspires to, YOU are at the intersection of where the research, evidence, and scholarship, meets the every-day-Mother.

This is a powerful place to be.

You can create life-changing and society-shifting transformations through your work in supporting Mothers.

This certification disseminates maternal scholarship and research to skilled, driven, passionate, empathetic leaders, change-makers, and professionals who perform the on-the-ground work of supporting mothers.

The Academic Field of Motherhood Studies

Motherhood is different to mothering.

Mothers do their mothering within the context of Motherhood.

The social rules around Motherhood are the ones mothers live their lives within, and this forms the foundation of Motherhood Studies.

We are missing half the story if our work supporting mothers does not recognise, integrate, and respond to the ways that mothers’ lives are shaped by the social context of institutionalized Motherhood.

I have spent 10 years researching Motherhood, and have developed a ground-breaking theory for understanding how mothers’ lives are shaped by the social and cultural construct of Motherhood.

This certification trains you in my theory, along with many more from foundational maternal thinkers and scholars, in addition to summaries of the very latest in motherhood research.

Adrienne Rich first made the distinction between Motherhood as an Institution and Mothering as a practice, and Professor Andrea O’Reilly coined Motherhood Studies as the academic home for maternal research and scholarship, founding Demeter Press.

There is an incredible abundance of maternal scholarship and research that is continuously growing and needs to be disseminated far beyond Universities and into the public sphere.

This Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification responds to this desperate need, and offers a one-of-a-kind online course providing the foundation of maternal theory and scholarship.

The sociological knowledge taught in this certification will serve you regardless of if you are just starting out or have been working in your field for decades.

You will not find this information synthesized and delivered in this way, anywhere else in the world.

These paradigm-shifting teachings will not only allow you to confidently navigate conversations about Motherhood, but will enable you to offer an elevated capacity of support for the mothers you work with.

In this certification you will develop a deep and thorough understanding of maternal scholarship, research, and theory. You then alchemize this knowledge into your own unique wisdom and teachings.

This is not just about the individual mother.

This goes beyond your individual client.

This certification course gives you the tools to bridge the gap between the individual and broader social patterns that shape how mothers live.

As professionals working with mothers, and as cultural creators and change-makers, I believe we have a responsibility to go beyond our individualist understandings of the mothers we work with.

Let’s recognise the structural issues mothers face, and then go one step further than this and resource ourselves with the strategies, tools, and understandings to navigate these issues, and support our clients in doing the same.

What is included in the Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification?

Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification Program of Study

  • October 5: Module 1 Sociological Foundations
  • October 12: Module 2 – Power and Performance
  • October 19: Module 3 – Situating Mothers Socioeconomically
  • October 26: WEEK BREAK
  • November 2: Module 4 – Locating the Individual within the Social
  • November 9: Module 5 – Mothers and Others
  • November 16: Module 6 – Social Systems and Emotions
  • November 23: WEEK BREAK
  • November 30: Module 7 – Empowered Mothering Practices
  • December 7th: Module 8 – Integrating Reflective Practice

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How long does the course go for?

10 weeks including 2 weeks break to catch up on content. We begin October 5th, and finish the week beginning December 7th.

What if I can’t keep up with the weekly content?

Not a problem at all. You have 6 months access to all course content to complete anytime.

What is the time commitment required?

There will be approximately 1 hour of video content each week, plus a Zoom call. Additional reading and journalling reflection questions are there for you to complete at your own pace.

What do you mean by ‘practitioners’ – who is the course for?

Social workers, counsellors, doulas, midwives, coaches, occupational therapists, psychologists, GPs, lactation consults, breastfeeding counsellors, activists, writers, and any others who are passionate about maternal advocacy.

The training is also appropriate for those considering university research and study, seeking to gain foundational understanding of maternal scholarship that complements interdisciplinary fields of education, social work, psychology, sociology, midwifery, nursing, and media & communications, among others.

I’m not a practitioner or business owner, is this still for me?

Yes, this is a foundational course in maternal theory. It will serve you regardless of what stage you are at in your business or career. The course is also appropriate as complementary to postgraduate study.

How is course content delivered, and how do I access it?

Primarily lecture-style videos. These are accompanied by dot point summary notes, reflection questions (optional) and additional readings where relevant.

Content is held on an online learning platform, New Zenler. I will email you login details and instructions on how to access content shortly before the course begins.

You will similarly be added to the private Facebook community discussion group shortly before the course begins.

Are Zoom calls recorded? When will they be?

Yes Zoom calls are recorded and available to watch as a replay. Zoom calls will be scheduled in advanced at a mix of various times throughout the working week, weekend, day, and evening, to ensure all course participants have similar opportunity to engage in calls regardless of their global context and circumstances.

How long do I have access to the online community?

The online community is a closed Facebook group. Ongoing access is included in your certification. You will have access for as long as the group is open.

When will I receive my certification?

Whenever you complete the course content and schedule a 15min call with me. This can be done anytime during the 6 months you have access to the course.

Will you run this again?

My plan is to run the certification once a year. This round is at a founding price.

This program is not just about knowledge acquisition.

You are entering a paradigm-shifting container.

With your engagement, this will transform you intellectually, personally, and professionally.


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Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification


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Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification