BLOOM. Growing Through Maternal Anger

Maternal anger is, arguably, an inescapable part of modern motherhood. Yet, talking about maternal anger is still taboo.

This silencing drives isolation and shame, and can actually intensify our anger as mothers.

I believe that if we are silenced, shamed, and shunned for our anger (both by ourselves and others) then we cannot fully know, understand, explore, process, and grow through our anger.

This self-study online course is designed to lift the lid on maternal anger. We learn where anger comes from, why it is there, how to respond to anger, ways to channel anger, why we don’t want to ‘get rid’ of our anger, and how maternal anger can be a powerful resource – for ourselves, our children, and our communities.

I just completed your BLOOM program and wanted to say thank you! I absolutely loved the training – you deliver content in such an engaging and passionate way, and I found it so valuable on both a personal and professional level.” Course participant (and psychologist)

The Perfect Mother Myth and Anger

The silencing and shame associated with experiencing anger as a mother is linked to the social and cultural formation of the ‘perfect Mother’ image, that we both internalise, and are judged according to.

The image of the ‘perfect Mother’ is the complete opposite to the ‘angry Mother’.

The ‘perfect Mother’ never loses her temper, never yells, never resents her children, never acts selfishly, never snaps, is never irritable and never craves time away from her children. But the ‘perfect Mother’ is an unattainable myth. Even if we could be the ‘perfect Mother’, this would not be what is best for our children – or ourselves.

Anger is a normal human emotion, that is neither ‘good’ or bad’. Yet mothers are expected not to feel this emotion, or are judged (and judge themselves) when they do.

The realities of intensive motherhood in our culture, only intensifies the pressures on mothers that lead to feelings of anger.

But because of our social understandings of the ‘perfect Mum’, mothers’ feelings of anger are often silenced and unspoken.

Feelings of anger provoke guilt, stigma, isolation, shame. It can make you feel like you are not a ‘good enough mother’.

Maternal anger has been repressed, outcast, and silenced.

But maternal anger can be a resource.

Maternal anger can be revealing of information.

Maternal anger can be our feedback.

Maternal anger can prompt accountability.

Maternal anger can be a catalyst.

Maternal anger can lead to productive action.

Maternal anger can be fuelling energy.

Maternal anger can also be dangerous, a threat, provocative, draining, frightening, and damaging.

In this course you will learn about these differences, and find ways to use your anger as a resource for transformation and growth.

“Anger is an assertion of rights and worth. It is communication, equality, and knowledge. It is intimacy, acceptance, fearlessness, embodiment, revolt, and reconciliation. Anger is memory and rage. It is rational thought and irrational pain. Anger is freedom, independence, expansiveness, and entitlement… Anger is instrumental, thoughtful, complicated, and resolved. In anger, whether you like it or not, there is truth.”

Soraya Chemaly, Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Anger

What does the BLOOM self-study course include?

  • 3 modules worth of content, with 7 video trainings, including:
    • The roots of our anger as mothers
    • The functioning of our anger as mothers
    • The functioning of anger for our children
    • Anger as information – triggers and boundaries
    • Taking action – creating your toolkit
    • Worthiness, guilt, and good enough mothering
    • Anger as a catalyst for growth
  • ‘ACTION’ items for each module to put the content into practice
  • Access to content for 3 months from the time of purchase

How to join BLOOM:

Purchase through the link below.

I will then enroll you in the e-learning course platform using your paypal email address. If you’d like me to use an alternative email, please let me know by contacting

You will receive a welcome email from me with all of the details on how to access course content

Bloom Self-Study Course


What this course is not

  • Anger can be both normal, and a feature of a postnatal mood disorder such as postnatal depression or anxiety, please contact a health professional if you feel overwhelmed by maternal anger or rage.
  • If you are experiencing anger or maternal rage that interferes with your daily life that you feel you cannot control, please make an appointment with your GP, or reach out to me so I can connect you with appropriate support services.
  • Normalising the spectrum of emotions women as mothers feel does not equate with condoning aggression towards or neglect of children.

“I have completed many self help courses looking for the way to be the best Mum and curb the angry Mum. None have worked. I now realise this is because all of them just added to my load. But I have learnt so much from this course.

Just tonight… I was triggered by my kids not going to sleep.. usually I would have blown my top. But I could gather myself. Over and over I found composure.

I feel so incredibly empowered and in control, but weirdly also a sense of no control, of ease and calm.. I haven’t felt this empowered and in tune with myself for ages, so thank you.” Course participant

Be Held: Individualised Support

This limited place package is for those who would like one on one support from me while they work through the self-study course content.

Receive individual consultations and weekly check-ins with me via a voice-messaging app, for a 3 month period.



  • 3 x 1hr consultations with me, that you can book anytime between now and the end of March 2021 (as you need them)
  • Voice message access to me at anytime throughout the 3 months. Talk to me, ask questions, and reach out for support anytime, via a free walkie-talkie style app ‘Voxer’. I will check-in with you weekly to offer you support and a place to unpack anything you’re currently working through in your motherhood. Up to 15mins of audio to me each week for 13 weeks.

Self-Study Support ‘Be Held’


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How long will it take me to complete all content?

There is approx 3.5 hours worth of video content to watch/listen to.

The time it will take you to complete the action reflection exercises to implement content is up to you and will vary from person to person.

When can I join?

Join anytime

How long do I have to complete content?

You have 3 months from the time of joining to complete content

How do I access content?

The course is run through an e-learning site called New Zenler. When you sign up I will send you an email with instructions for how to create a login to access course material.

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