LIBERATE: Your Motherhood Revolution.

Motherhood is different to mothering. You do your mothering within the context of Motherhood.

It’s Motherhood that is constantly culturally re-designed. These social rules around Motherhood are the ones you live your life through and are judged by.

Learn to recognise the social rules that may be negatively affecting your mothering. And then learn how to re-design your mothering so it becomes a powerful embodiment of your identity.

Take back your power and rewrite the rules of your Motherhood.

Society has given mothers the responsibility of all of the work, but not the power that should come with it.

THIS is your only shot at Motherhood: this is it.

Revolutionalize it.

“We were conspirators, outlaws from the institution of motherhood; I felt enormously in charge of my life.”

Adrienne Rich

I’ve been studying Motherhood for close to 10 years. I have taken my accumulated knowledge and expertise, condensed it, and transformed it into implementable content to offer it to you through LIBERATE.

LIBERATE will change your Motherhood.

Changing your motherhood, changes your life. Changing your life will change your children and family’s lives. These shifts have consequences for all who surround you.

This is an 6 week program for women who feel that there is ‘something more‘ to life as a mother, even though they are deeply committed to their role as mothers.

Liberate yourself from institutionalized versions of motherhood and learn the practices of good enough, and empowered mothering.

I know the teachings here are life changing, because I’ve experienced and witnessed these shifts.

You will hear my take on revolutionary ideas from the world’s most renowned maternal scholars.

This scholarship and these ideas are the most powerful when they reach and change the everyday lives of mothers. Out there. Living their daily lives.

When mothers stand in our truth and are liberated from negative versions of motherhood, we can experience the unmatched power we have to transform ourselves, our families, communities, and broader society.

  • Let’s recognise and cultivate mothering as our power.
  • Let’s reinvigorate ourselves as women and as mothers.
  • Let’s free ourselves from the chains of perfect motherhood.
  • Let’s show our children what it means to live as a powerful and enlivened woman.
  • Let’s transform our lives by starting at a place of internal transformation.

When women lose themselves, the world loses its way. We do not need more selfless women. What we need right now is more women who have detoxed themselves so completely from the world’s expectations that they are full of nothing but themselves. What we need are women who are full of themselves. A woman who is full of herself knows and trusts herself enough to say and do what must be done. She lets the rest burn.”

Glennon Doyle.

This program IS your detox.

You must do this for YOU.

But know that in unlocking, recognising, and feeling revitalized in your own power as a mother and as a woman: you are also giving your children a gift – giving the WORLD a gift.

When you unlock your own potential, you pave the path, remove the roadblocks, and provide inspiration for your children’s own liberation, and the liberation of generations of your family to come.

Live the motherhood you would want your daughter to enjoy and your son to admire.

Your liberation not only frees you, but also empowers others.

How does it work?

  • The program has 6 modules with multiple trainings within each module
  • The program runs over 6 weeks (1 module a week)
  • We start June 1, 2020
  • Content will be posted in a private Facebook group, or emailed if you prefer that format
  • Engage with content at your own pace
  • Trainings are delivered via video in short, accessible ‘chunks’ for maximum opportunity to listen and absorb while managing Mum-life
  • Each module contains reflection questions and prompts in order for you to consolidate and apply the information
  • You’ll have access to my feedback and engagement with your questions along the way
  • We will have 2 ‘check in’ points one on one at the start and finish of the course to talk through your experiences, concerns, challenges, and victories.

Modules overview:

Week 1: Manufacturing your own Motherhood Microscope

  • In this module you are trained as a cultural assessor. Learn how to identify cultural messaging, with examples drawn from industries around baby sleep, the education system, and our physical appearance as mothers. You will take this knowledge to build your own cultural-motherhood-armour and learn strategies to respond to your inner critic.

Week 2: Seeking, Salvaging and Seeing your ‘Self

  • Mothering has an interesting relationship to our sense of identity. Some feel as though they’ve found their calling through mothering. Others feel they’ve lost themselves. We explore these diversities and I offer you a framework for how to explore and become confident within your sense of self and identity as a woman and mother.

Week 3: Reeving up your Rumbling Resistance

  • Let me help light your fire and fan your flame. This module will inspire you to create meaningful change in your lived experience as a mother from here on. You will learn strategies for channelling any anger you feel in your motherhood, and how to alchemize this into purpose.

Week 4: Protecting your Power

  • You’ll learn the possibilities for how your mothering can be a site of power within your family, and more broadly. The way motherhood exists as it does in our culture will be destabilized by this perspective and the knowledge gained from this module will have ripple effects far beyond your mothering.

Week 5: The Practices of Good Enough and Empowered Mothering

  • I condense and teach the practices of good enough and empowered mothering developed by world class psychoanalysts, sociologists, psychotherapists, and expert researchers. You’ll be equipped with strategies for how to practically implement these paradigms and perspectives, with examples of how to practice them in your everyday life as a mother.

Week 6: Reclaim and Revolutionalize

  • This week is for consolidation and implementation. Taking your knowledge and new learnings and crafting them into a customized toolkit of your own. I talk clarification of values, and how to cultivate practices of introspection. You’ll claim and amplify your voice in revolutionalizing your motherhood and I’ll guide you in developing your own Motherhood Manifesto.

When you free yourself, you show others the path to freedom.

You create possibilities for others from living in your own authenticity.

You honour your maternal connections and ancestors.

You pave the way for mothers who come after you.

The ripples we make from living our lives in this way, can become the tidal wave that dismantles patriarchal motherhood.




This is my absolute passion and area of expertise. I have dreamed of creating this course for a long time because I know just how powerful and life altering these teachings are, and I would be honoured to walk you through this transformation.

We begin June 1.

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The first 3 participants to sign up to the LIBERATE program get this personalized upgrade INCLUDED.

“In contrast to the patriarchal institution of motherhood, an empowered practice of mothering is one modelled upon agency… I believe that patriarchy resists feminist mothering precisely because it understands its real power to bring about a true and enduring cultural revolution.”

Prof Andrea O’Reilly