For participants of The Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification.

Receive individualised mentoring support throughout the length of the course.

This package gives you access to me whenever you need it through a free voice and text messaging app called ‘Voxer’.

I’m at the end of your phone to:

  • Answer any questions about course content
  • Dive into deeper discussion and reflection
  • Support you through any personal challenges that arise as you’re working through content
  • Offer feedback and support with professional development
  • Guidance and strategizing for your business growth, innovation and content application

Connection, guidance, reflection, listening, prompting, support.

This package is for a 10 week block of 1:1 support that you are able to begin at any stage as you work through course content.

Time spent is equivalent to approximately 1 hour support per week over 10 weeks.

  1. Purchase mentoring package below
  2. Download the free walkie-talkie style app ‘Voxer
  3. I will email you to ask when you’d like to begin the 10 weeks together

10 Weeks of Mentoring

Course Mentoring Support – pay in full


Course Mentoring Support – payment package – $99/week over 10 weeks

Alternatively, book a one off, 1 hour session together

One hour Zoom