Individual Mentoring

For participants of The Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification.

Receive individualised mentoring support throughout the length of the course.

This package gives you access to me whenever you need it through a free voice and text messaging app called ‘Voxer’.

I’m at the end of your phone to:

  • Answer any questions about course content
  • Dive into deeper discussion and reflection
  • Support you through any personal challenges that arise as you’re working through content
  • Offer feedback and support with professional development
  • Guidance and strategizing for your business growth, innovation and content application

Connection, guidance, reflection, listening, prompting, support.

This package is for a 10 week block of 1:1 support that you are able to begin at any stage as you work through course content.

Time spent is equivalent to approximately 1 hour support per week over 10 weeks.

  1. Purchase mentoring package below
  2. Download the free walkie-talkie style app ‘Voxer
  3. I will email you to ask when you’d like to begin the 10 weeks together

10 Weeks of Mentoring

Course Mentoring Support – pay in full


Course Mentoring Support – payment package – $99/week over 10 weeks

Alternatively, book a one off, 1 hour session together

One hour Zoom