Empowered birth bundle

Birth Plan Bundle

The Empowered Birth Bundle

You are important.

Your power is intrinsic.

Information matters.

Use this empowered birth bundle as a way to equip yourself with knowledge and inspiration.
Use it to identify, explore, and scaffold around your fears.
Use it to encourage yourself to probe a little further, dig a little deeper.
Use it to uncover and acknowledge the inherent knowing and wisdom you already have within yourself and your baby.

What the Empowered Birth Bundle includes:

Why Plan

  • Review of what the research says about planning
  • Why the process is so important
  • Your support team and the birthing system
  • Using your voice

Care Providers

  • Australian based but broadly informative
  • Public hospitals – general midwives
  • Private obstetricians
  • Continuity of midwifery care
  • Birth centres
  • Home birth
  • Independent midwives
  • Shared care
  • Doula support

Quick Guide to Natural Labour Stages

  • Latent and early labour
  • Established labour
  • Transition
  • Second stage
  • Third stage


  • Birth education courses
  • Find a doula/midwife
  • Mental health support

Journal Prompts

  • Building your dreams
  • Exploring your fears
  • Preparing for the unexpected
  • Creating visualisations
  • Connecting with your baby
  • Speaking to your future self

Affirmation Cards

  • 7x empowered birth affirmation e-cards
  • Mini adjustable size e-cards
  • Print and display to repeat affirmations daily during pregnancy
  • Print to display during labour
  • Screenshot and save as phone wallpaper

Birth Plan Guide and Template

  • 5 steps to creating your birth plan
  • Choose your preferences for support, environment, contraction management, induction and intervention, delivery, post-delivery, and C-section
  • Printable birth plan template



Statements expressed in this guide should not be read as fact and the content is provided with the understanding that Dr Sophie Brock from The Good Enough Mother is not providing a medical or legal service.