LIBERATE: Your Motherhood Revolution: Take back your power and transform your life through rewriting the rules of motherhood. Learn how the social rules of motherhood operate in your life, and re-design them for yourself.

Release and Repurpose Mother Guilt Webinar: Learn how to release the power of guilt within your life and how to channel feelings of guilt constructively to foster connections in your relationships and grow in your mothering.

Resilience Training: Webinar training on practicing good enough mothering in the context of self-isolation during Covid-19, and why this is key to the nourishment of both you and your children.

Potent: De-Mystifying Mother Anger: Understand the cultural construction of the ‘perfect mother’ to feel less guilty and isolated. Gain knowledge to help you become confident in understanding how to recognise your triggers, and channel your anger purposefully.

Transforming Toddler Tantrums: how to handle tantrums as a gentle parent, based on neurodevelopmental approaches based in attachment theory.