Spend 1 hour on the phone with me talking through a specific concern related to your mothering.

Examples include:

  • Membership or course participants who want guidance on implementing content into their own lives
  • Working through feelings of Mum guilt
  • Support and clarity in managing work-life balance
  • Feedback on how to understand and respond to challenging behaviours in your child
  • Interpreting and working on feelings of maternal anger and ambivalence
  • Space and guidance on understanding your matresence and identity shifts
  • Processing information after a diagnosis of disability or illness in yourself or your child

Consultations are for mothers seeking feedback and clarity from a motherhood studies expert who respects your own expertise as a mother to your children.

I listen to your concerns

Pose questions

Offer feedback and suggestions

Refer you to additional support services where appropriate

How to Book?
  1. Purchase below
  2. Head to my bookings page to book in a day/time.
  3. Please note time is Australian Eastern Standard time. If no times suit, please contact me
  4. You will receive an email from me confirming our consultation time.

Consultation Call

1 hour phone or zoom call


Would you like ongoing daily support? Check out my 2 week package, Support.