Personalised Support

Spend 1 hour on Zoom with me talking through a specific concern related to your mothering, or 1 day talking back and forth through a free voice messaging app called Voxer (an easier option if you’re with kids).

I can help with:

  • Implementing content into your own life based on my membership or course trainings you’ve watched
  • Working through feelings of Mum guilt
  • Seeking support and clarity in managing work-life balance
  • How to navigate and respond to challenging behaviours in your child
  • Interpreting and working on feelings of maternal anger and ambivalence
  • Space and guidance on understanding your matresence and identity shifts about ‘who’ you now are as a mother and woman
  • Supporting you through feeling ‘stuck’ in your mothering. You may not be able to label your challenge, but you’re seeking guidance on how to move forward

I am a motherhood studies expert who is here to offer you feedback and analysis of your experiences, while respecting YOUR expertise as a mother. I will never tell you what you ‘should’ do, but can give you access to evidence-based advice and tailored support so you feel empowered in making your own decisions.

I listen to your concerns

Pose questions

Offer feedback and suggestions

Refer you to additional support services where appropriate

How to Book?
  1. Purchase through link below.
  2. If you would like the Voxer support option – download the free app here.
  3. I will email you to confirm and find a time to book in our session together.

Zoom Call

1 hour phone or zoom call


Would you like ongoing daily support? Check out my 2 week package, Support.