The Mental Load + The Anger-Guilt Trap

In this free 1 hour training on The Mental Load and the Anger-Guilt Trap for BLOOM: Growing through Maternal Anger –

  • Learn about the ‘mental load’ of motherhood, how it is part of ‘intensive mothering’ expectations, and why you are not alone in your feelings of frustration and overwhelm
  • We unpack the reasons why mothers are so often left feeling exhausted and angry in the context of our current constructions and experiences of Motherhood, and what we can start to do about this
  • Understand the ‘anger-guilt’ trap and how to notice when you’ve fallen within this trap, and how to begin to break yourself free

To find out more and enroll in the full 3 week BLOOM: Growing Through Maternal Anger online course click here.

To learn more and be supported through a process of transforming experiences of frustration, annoyance, anger, and overwhelm into our fuel for personal growth to enrich the experiences of not only ourselves, but our families, join the FULL online 3 week program

BLOOM: Growing Through Maternal Anger.

BLOOM: Growing Through Maternal Anger FULL course is:

  • A 3 week online course with access until the end of 2020
  • 2x video trainings a week with optional accompanying exercises/activities to put content into action
  • Opportunity for you to create space and time to nourish yourself and your family

What we will cover includes:

  • The physiological functioning of anger and how to use this understanding to support your children through their anger too
  • Creation of a toolkit for action and supporting rupture and repair processes with our children
  • How to identify your triggers and understand how they can become your teachers
  • How to frame your anger as ‘information’ and decipher what it is ‘telling’ you
  • Use your anger and guilt to foster connection with your children and strengthen your relationships
  • How to implement ‘good enough mothering’ and ’empowered mothering’ practices and what this can do for our children
  • Finding connection and support in coming to trust yourself and speak your truth

You can complete the full BLOOM course through:

  • Self-study mode (videos and exercises only)
  • Group-support mode (videos and exercises + weekly Zoom small group coaching to reflect on content, share activities, ask questions, and build connection)
  • Supported mode (all of the above + 30min call with me + 1:1 voice and text messaging access to me throughout the length of the course, through a free app called Voxer. Ask me any questions you have directly, and receive direct support)

Payment plans available.

Learn more about BLOOM: Growing Through Maternal Anger and join here.


After a difficult birth and a really challenging first 6 months with my son I found myself struggling with things such as anger, Mum guilt and a deep, painful feeling of inadequacy as a Mother. I came across Sophie’s wonderful podcast ‘The Good Enough Mother’ (which I highly recommend all parents listen to) and I then followed her honest and beautiful instagram page where I saw that she worked one on one with Mums on the things that I was struggling with and thought, why not! I can honestly say it has been life-changing.

“Hi Sophie I wanted to let you know how much I am truly loving this course. The depth and value of the material is incredible, and the discussions and connection with the other women in the course are immense. Thank you.”

“It was so wonderful to have Sophie by my side and in my corner while I worked through some really difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions, she is soothing and extremely knowledgable on all things Motherhood and womanhood. I began the month with a list of things that I believe make the ‘perfect’ Mother and finished the month with a very different set of values and beliefs about Motherhood. It was so empowering. I am walking away feeling more confident and peaceful than I have in a long time. I can’t recommend working with Sophie in any capacity enough – she is brilliant!!

Working with Sophie was one of the best things I have done for myself as a mother and a woman. I learned a great deal about how to support myself, my son, and how societal constructs of motherhood and my own history as a daughter led me into the struggles I was facing today. Sophie is so knowledgable, gentle, and open in the way she interacts with the people she helps, and that makes the emotional work of motherhood mentorship so much easier to dive into.

“When Sophie talks, she drips gold. Highly recommend her services.