Dr Sophie Brock is a Motherhood Studies Sociologist with a PhD from The University of Sydney, President of Maternal Scholars Australia, and a Mother to her 3 year old daughter.

She has been researching Motherhood for a decade, has developed ground-breaking theory for understanding how mothers’ lives are shaped by social and cultural constructs, and translates theory and research into practical and accessible information for Mothers and professionals who support Mothers.

There needs to be social, cultural, and policy change to understand and support Mothers and the important work that they do. This means revealing and challenging intensive mothering myths, valuing and prioritizing respectful and responsive care, listening to what mothers have to say, and creating safe and supportive communities and connections.

Sophie’s work supports mothers through her podcast The Good Enough Mother, her Liberated Motherhood Membership online community, her online self-study courses, and her mentoring packages.

Professionals, business owners, and those who seek to support mothers through their work can complete Sophie’s online course – The Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification, or participate in her program of individualised support and supervision, The Motherhood Studies Mentorship.

Sophie hold a PhD from The University of Sydney in Sociology, specialising in Motherhood Studies and the Sociology of Personal Life. Learn more about her formal expertise, experience, and publications.

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