Hi, I’m Sophie.

Researching, supporting, listening to and working with mothers is my absolute passion.

I believe that when mothers stand in our truth and are liberated from the myth of perfect motherhood, we can experience the unmatched power we have to transform ourselves, our families, communities, and broader society.

Everything I do in my personal and professional life is imbued with an aim to see social and cultural shifts in how Motherhood is perceived and experienced. I know that mothering is work, and believe we need social, cultural, and policy change to support and value mothers.

I use my professional experience as a Sociologist and maternal researcher for the past decade to offer you accessible, implementable, and thought-provoking evidence-based information.

My perspective as a single Mother to my 3 year old daughter also informs my work. I offer insights into my personal life and experiences, exploring the ways grief, motherhood, and personal transformation intersect.

I advocate for conscious, gentle, reflexive parenting practices based in attachment theory, that respect and nurture the relationship we have with our children.

My mission through my online courses, one to one support programs, research, blog, and podcast, is for mothers to feel valued and empowered in their experience of motherhood.

I hold a PhD from The University of Sydney in Sociology, specializing in Motherhood Studies and the Sociology of Personal Life. Learn more about my formal expertise, experience, and publications.